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A year that featured a record run of one-hundred photos in one-hundred days, stretching from March until July. It also turned out to be my last year living in Columbus, Ohio where I’d spent the last five years of my life. I moved down the road to Cleveland during the holidays, setting up what hopes to be a very eventful 2019 in the all-new PBHQ.



Some highlights from my 100-Day Project which ran from March until July 2018.

Happy Birthday, AMERICA!! Let’s get weird.


Most grown men would soil their trousers if they saw a posse of Battle Android Troopers barreling toward them full tilt, but not the Sarge. He simply stands up stoically and cracks his knuckles in quiet anticipation.


In military science, suppressive fire (commonly called covering fire) is "fire that degrades the performance of an enemy force below the level needed to fulfill its mission”. Suppression is usually only effective for the duration of the fire.


When HE moved in, all the other birds moved out. 🦅


More currently living team members than the Avengers.


Old man Rock ‘n Roll. “One last time”.


“We shall see how G.I. Joe likes the bite of a sssneaksss FANGSSSSsss!”


Welp. Looks like no one else is getting their turn on the RAM cycle today.


Meanwhile in Hawkins, Indiana: Tommy shows off his sweet new bike to some neighborhood kids and their dog. 🚲


Pizza Rule No. 902: Never have a pizza party in the woods when there are hungry tigers lurking about.


“Ever since the national Jai-Alai strike began last year, Cobra’s been able to recruit dozens of unemployed players, mostly Spanish and French Basques, with the promise of better pay and lavish benefits. All they have to do is learn to swap out the pelota ball for fragment grenades. I have to admit...heading into battle, there’s nothing more terrifying than the thought of professionally trained athletes hurling explosives in your direction at almost 200mph.” – Hawk’s battlefield journal; May 26, 1989.


Arrived home from Joe Con and looks like ‘ol Billy Bob kept the neighborhood on lock while I was away. Thanks, Billy.




Saturday nights are for quality time with your best friend.


“That one…who’s that one?? … 'Pulaski' ... It’s me. MEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee!!!!”



Sooooo THAT’S why my pumpkin rotted so fast this year.


“Time to beat feet, boys.”


No Joes are a match for Cobra De Aço...the “Steel Cobra”!


Some thirty-odd years later, the Fridge regrets repping the “New Coke” disaster while Pepsi wonders what ever happened to its good looks.


Outside Fort Wadsworth, Flint and Lady Jaye best Alpine and Bazooka yet again.


At the base of Iron Mountain, Leoric awaits the mighty Merklynn. Before entering the mountain’s vast tunnel system, the ancient wizard will warn Leoric of what awaits him inside: deception, denialism, and trivialization. An unknown, all-powerful force is intent on erasing the Spectral Knights from New Valarak’s history in order to replace them with irreverent misrepresentations. Even in the face of certain death, Leoric courageously carries on.


Clutch crossed Cover Girl one too many times, and Grand Slam is LOVING it.


“!!F@*#%!!” Sometimes I like to leave styrofoam cups laying around as a gentle reminder to my Eco-Warriors that their work is never done.



Even more highlights from the run…

“Hiya, boys.”


“Time to go to work.”


A total team effort.


The last, Last Action Hero.


As it turns out, Sky Creeper spent a few hapless months bouncing around LA’s comedy club circuit on open mic nights before bombing out and joining Cobra. His chief influence? Jay Leno.

“Here’s a story you may have heard. Apparently...Cobra Commander locked up some of his closest enemies in a landlocked freighter on Cobra Island. Have you seen this? Have you read about this? Yea, and if that wasn’t bad enough...he then KILLED them with ham and lima beans LACED WITH BOTULISM. Jeez...and you thought the goulash in the Cobra mess hall was bad!”


He awakes to his stomach growling like a tiger. His craving for there elusive breakfast pizza is fierce. And he can sense it out there in the wilderness somewhere…taunting him.


“Protecting supply convoys is a daunting task. What’s worse, Cobra KNOWS IT. If there’s one thing those snakes do really well, it’s ambushing convoys. Sometimes I wonder who benefits most from our resupply efforts, our own troops…or Cobra’s.” – Duke’s personal journal; July 11, 1990.


Someone put Copperhead in charge of a couple AK-47 toting ninjas. “Find some Joes and bring ‘em back to me ALIVE! Or close to alive. Whichever.”


Once Psyche-Out modified his Variable Wave Field Projector to locate the nearest pizza joints, EVERY night became #PizzaNight.


Scrap-Iron always scouts his ambush points personally. He simply doesn’t trust the rank & file Cobra troopers to get the details right. Besides, he really enjoys reveling in the destruction he’s about to sow.


The new Sweep-Viper is always singing that song from Mary Poppins as he goes about his work. The other guys keep their distance. 🎶 Now as the ladder of life – 'As been strung – You may think a sweep's – On the bottommost rung – Though I spends me time – In the ashes and smoke – In this 'ole wide world – There's no 'appier bloke – Chim chiminey – Chim chiminey – Chim chim cher-ee! – A sweep is as lucky – As lucky can be” 🎶


“War is waiting. Although waiting for battle is unlike any other kind of waiting. It’s the feeling of the inevitable. Like your fate is in the hands of a god, and this god in his infinite whimsy, still hasn’t made up his mind what he has in store for you.” – Backblast’s battlefield journal; May 31, 1994.


Recondo’s picked up the trail of some wild pizza.


Sundays are for birdwatching.


‪“Just before dawn on the second day we managed to crawl into the foxhole we’d dug out the day before. Through the mist we could see dozens of wounded men...and around them, even more dead ones.” – V7665 "Ducky". Logged May 19, 1987.


"In a way it was a relief to be captured. We knew the war was over for us, and we would either be killed or taken prisoner. Sadly, most of my friends fell into the former category." ‪ – V7665 "Ducky". Logged May 20, 1987.


These two guys are polar opposites whose vastly different approaches to soldiering often come into conflict on a mission. Laid-back, with a fondness for surfing and a penchant for waxing cosmic, Footloose relies on his instincts to track down Cobra. Flint, on the other hand, is fastidious and prefers to follow the rules and execute missions by the book. I like to pair them up and see what happens.


“Shockwave to Megatron...come in Megatron...”


China recently announced that it has developed a laser rifle that can "carbonize" human flesh at a range of 2,625 ft. Seems impressive…that is until you consider that Sci-Fi’s been incinerating targets over 2.5 miles away with his XH86 LLOM Beam Laser Rifle since way back in 1986.


“Ok, maggots! So you want on the winning team, huh?’re gonna have to EARN IT.”


Freefall and Major Storm never see eye to eye on strategy. Things can get tense real fast. As he’s prone to do, Bullhorn tries to de-escalate the situation, but it’s as if he isn’t even there. When those two lock horns, it’s best to step away and just let things play out; for better or worse...


July 17, 1992 Cattaraugus Reservation — Charlie Iron-Knife joined the Seneca Nation in defending their sovereignty against the New York State government. They clashed with state police and shut down a portion of the thruway which cut through their land. When it was all said and done, the protest succeeded and their treaties were honored. When Charlie eventually returned to Joe HQ afterward, he was welcomed questions asked...


Steeler and Quarrel were quite the pair in their younger days. Inseparable on and off the battle field, the bond between these two was stronger than the armor plating on an Armadillo mini tank.


– “Hey, Mainframe…look, a kitty! Here kitty, kitty, ki…”
– “Bazooka NO!!!”


It’s times like these when Outback starts to think he should trade in his S-U-R-V-I-V-A-L shirt for one that says S-N-A-F-U.