Mega Haul from the Netherlands


Have you ever had one of those toy hauls where you sit back and marvel at how lucky you were to come across it? Well this is one for the books, and worthy of documenting here in the Journal.

A few weeks back, I happened to be scrolling through Instagram when a notification popped up…I’d been followed by an account named ‘gijoe_sale’. With a name like that I just had to tap on through to see what this account was all about. The account was brand new with only a few followers and three or four posted photos. But one of those photos instantly got my attention.


EUROPEAN TIGER FORCE! You don’t see them come up for sale every day, so I shot a message over as fast as my fingers could spell one out, typos and all.

Long story short, I learned the account owner’s name was Ferry and he was from the Netherlands. He sent me a list of everything he was looking to sell and I chose the ones I needed most for my collection. I really can’t thank Ferry enough for being so great a giving me such an amazing deal on everything.

Acquiring toys from someone else’s collection is always a humbling opportunity. Toys that were loved and played with by the sellers when they were kids in many cases. So the opportunity to have them live on in my own collection is an incredible honor.

Take a look below at the mega haul all the way from the Netherlands. So excited for these new vehicles and figures to join the ranks. Welcome to the collection, fellas.


Tiger Force – Tiger Fly (European)

Tiger Force – Tiger Paw (European)

Cobra Devastator (European)

Check Point Alpha (Dutch)

Tiger Force – Psyche-Out (European)

Tiger Force – Sneak Peek (European)

Tiger Force – Hit & Run (European)

Tiger Force – Blizzard (European)

Mutt and Junkyard (European)

Mail Away – Steel Brigade (6)