Thrasher's Masher


The “Steel Monsters” from Tonka were released in 1986. I was transfixed be the “Masher” construction grader when I saw it for the first time in the Sears Wishbook Catalog that Christmas season. With an already long Christmas list full of Joes and Transformers, I never got the Masher as a kid. Until recently, I had never even seen one in person.

But a spontaneous trip to an antique store a couple weeks ago changed all that. Thirty-two years after I first saw the Masher in a catalog, I have one of my very own. Or should I say, Thrasher has one.

I always loved the Mad Max inspired theme of this toy line and thought the vehicles would mix in perfectly with the Dreadnocks, especially Thrasher, who also debuted in 1986. The fact that their names rhyme is just icing on the post-apocalyptic cake.


I was so excited to have this beast that I didn’t even clean it up before taking photos.

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Tonka Dealer Catalog, 1986. Source:

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