Thursday Night Battles


As many of you know, I've been doing live videos on Instagram for about a year, and have had a real blast doing it. It's always a highlight of my week to go live and spend an hour or so and rapping about Joes, toys, and photography with you guys.

I've had many, many requests to set a schedule or announce beforehand when I'll be live so people don't miss the broadcast. Unfortunately, with my previous living situation, it just wasn't possible to broadcast consistently or even know when I'd be able to go live. Almost every broadcast was a spontaneous decision.

But that all changes now! Starting this week I'll be live every Thursday at 8 pm EST. I call it Thursday Night Battles, and the show will continue on Instagram for the time being...eventually moving over to Youtube in the coming months.

I'm excited to finally have a set time of the week to jump on a broadcast and hang out with all my internet friends. See you Thursdays!

PS: If that title logo looks familiar, look no further for my inspiration: